3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Marriage

By: Jasmine Yates

Do you feel as if your relationship is lacking excitement? Do find yourself wondering how others maintain a healthy, fun relationship after years of marriage? Don’t worry you’re not the first person to feel this way, and you won’t be the last. We all remember the story of the actress Nicole Ari Parker who has been in many movies, television shows such as Empire, Brown Sugar, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins and much more. It was during an IG live with another couple that she expressed how she missed the single life. Nicole acknowledged the fact that her husband, Boris Kodjoe no longer sent her cute text messages, gave her random kisses or just gave her a hug from behind while she made eggs. She described her relationship to be lacking “fire.” As stated before, many couples have felt this before. The question is: How do we fix it? add youtube

Plan A Date Night

We all struggle with the day to day activities and frustrations of everyday life. We get caught up in the children or even our own routines and schedules of what needs to be done throughout the week day. To be able to have a moment where you know that you’re planning a date night, or that you have a special date coming up will bring a sense of excitement to you, especially when the date night arrives. The ability to be on a date again like it’s the first will surely bring the passion and excitement back. Here are some great date night ideas:

  1. A nice romantic dinner 

  2. Wine & Design

  3. Poetry Jam

  4. Couple Spa Day

  5. Playing a board game while making your favorite snacks

  6. Taking a stroll outside, just talking or having a picnic 


I believe this is a big one especially when discussing marriage. Intimacy doesn’t always mean sex, although there is nothing wrong with a little bump in the night or day. It can be you guys taking a walk, cooking together, bathing or just cuddling while speaking about your day. It’s the affection that most married couples forget about. We are tired after a long day and sometimes we just want to go home and GO TO SLEEP, but not at the expense of our marriage. 

This leads me to the last one…


Sometimes we forget to acknowledge our spouse, to let them know that they are doing an amazing job. We can say things like…

  1. “You’re an amazing mother/father”

  2. “I love the outfit you wore today”

  3. “I’m lucky to have you”

…these simple statements can make any woman or man feel good about themselves. Remember sometimes it’s the smallest things that will bring back the spark. 

Nicole Ari Parker started a conversation that a lot of people were afraid to admit. A much needed conversation, if I may add. Remember gaining the fire back in your relationship all starts with actually having the conversation with your spouse and admitting that you’re missing something. While all the suggestions are extremely useful, communication is most important, as it’s a major component to all three. Last but certainly not least, know your partner’s love language, as it will be ineffective to provide intimacy to someone who craves acts of service from their spouse. Let love guide your actions and remember to put each other first.

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