Dear New Boy, Don’t Bring Me To Dinner…

by: Jasmine Yates

Why is it that every time I become the new girl, I get hit with what the “old girl” has done? The emotional baggage that some men come with; the disappointing nights where you think things are finally coming together for you but in the end it’s only for a moment. Why is it that humans have to encounter the problems that other people have caused?

I saw my ex today!


I was just scrolling through Instagram and I totally forgot that I followed his business page. So I see that they are making some type of commercial for him. Just him. All I see is HIM. The emotions, the thoughts that ran through my mind, boy. I felt like I wanted to cry, break something and hug him all in one. Then I started thinking, why the hell am I letting this man sway my emotions? This is the same man that treated me as if I was nothing, destroyed my character and caused me more pain than I deserved, so I unfollowed the page.

Guess what I did next?

I texted a guy that is supposed to be my “friend” but he’s not really my friend, if you know what I mean. Where did that land me though? Without a reply. Why do we do that? Why do we cover up a pain with something that we shouldn’t? It’s the desire of being wanted, of being loved by another individual that makes us feel less than. We’re constantly putting emotional baggage on one another because we get upset when we weren’t valued the way we feel like we should’ve been valued. We don’t take time to completely heal within ourselves. We lack the confidence of getting back up and doing it over. This is why there are a million people in this world who constantly have a different person in their arms every day. It’s like we fake the funk.


We’re constantly telling ourselves that it’s okay, it was them.

We don’t take time to actually understand what the issue really was so the issue becomes repetitive. Now, we’re stuck with more than one person, still looking for that missing piece. Either we cover it up with sex or put ourselves to the test and see how many numbers we can get. Don’t pretend you’ve never done it. It’s the escape route in which we take to cover up the pain we feel like we never deserved. We’re quick to tell the next person the things we don’t like, not necessarily to help them, but to trick ourselves into thinking that we actually gave them a chance. It’s a nasty habit. So let’s not follow the trend of having a “bae,” just cause its getting a little chilly outside. You better grab that blanket, a heater and some hot coco, Hmph. Although having a “bae” would be nice, I’m getting off topic, though. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, make sure when you’re bringing your significant other to the family dinner for Thanksgiving, you don’t have your family looking at them like, “Dang Jodie. Another girl, huh?”

Protect your heart, your mind and your body. Remember, you are enough.


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