Identifying School Bullying

What to look out for this upcoming year!

It’s that time again, school is starting back up. I remember the first time my daughter got on a bus going to kindergarten. I cried the entire day! But now she’s attending 6th grade!! As parents we do our best to protect our children from all the things we know can hurt them, but every day they go to the one place that has the power to make or break them. SCHOOL!

If I had the time to walk her through school every day, I would. Realistically, as a single mother that’s just not possible. So instead I take the time I have to make sure her confidence is so strong, nothing or no one can break it. As parents, no one knows our kids better than us and they only way we can prevent future harm to our child is by educating ourselves. Here are some signs to look for to know if your child may be experiencing difficulties at school:

Unenthusiastic about attending school or participating in activities they love.

· Difficulty sleeping

· Nightmares

· Cries self to sleep

· Bed wetting

· Excuses for bruises or scratch marks

· Prefers to be alone

· Change in eating habits

· Anger towards siblings

· Feeling unworthy

These are just a few signs but what’s key is always motivating your children, show them that they are appreciated, staying involved, and communicating with your kids. It’s vital to how they deal with issues at school. As parents, our job is to prepare them for what the world has to offer. Value, Strength, Trust, Confidence and Encouragement!

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