Never Spend Valentine's Day Alone Again

By: Jasmine Yates

With 2020 being a rough year for everyone, Valentine’s Day is a slight relief and something to actually look forward to. Maybe you’ve planned something for your significant other or maybe you’re a single parent who is a little discouraged during this time. Whichever it is, know that your holiday can still be full of love. This is a time where having kids gets fun! I remember when I was younger my dad always had a Valentine’s Day gift for me.

As a child, I would always get excited when Valentine’s Day approached because I loved chocolate. Also, it just made me feel important because I was a part of what I thought was “a grown folks” holiday and that was special to me. Here are a few gift ideas that you can give your children to make them feel a little special during this time.


You can build a bear just for your child or allow them to build a bear that will be special to them.

Chocolate Baskets

From the most expensive chocolate, to the cheapest it doesn’t matter what kind of candy you turn to, all they care about is the CHOCOLATE. What kid doesn’t love chocolate?

Make a T-Shirt

This DIY task is for the ones that may have a little more time on their hands. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a t-shirt that will make your child smile? While they’re at school creating their own DIY project with their teachers for you, you can make them a gift that came straight from your heart.

Set up a Dinner

There’s nothing like a special dinner made up of their favorite foods. Allow them to get dressed up and have a beautiful dinner and then watch their favorite movie. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a little one on one with you.

These are just a few amazing ideas to help you bring in Valentine's Day with your child(ren). Although you may not be spending this holiday the way you would prefer, always remember that just because they are your child doesn’t mean that they can’t be your best friend too. To them, you are theirs and the first of many. However you decide to bring in your Valentine’s Day, I know your child will love it because the gift was from YOU.

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