Breast Cancer Awareness: Real Men Wear Pink

“We as men need to understand and become aware of the things that occur throughout breast cancer. Ironically enough it's not just reserved for women. Some men have developed breast cancer as well. Preventative and early detection is super imperative for any sex.” - Robert Mckiver

by:Jasmine Yates

For decades, breast cancer has killed so many of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, and family. We have marched and stood behind those who have beaten it, and next to loved ones who've lost someone behind it. For those who may not know, October is breast cancer awareness month, so many people take this time to honor the ones who have fought it and inform others on the topic. There are several organizations dedicated to supporting breast cancer, and ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ is one of those organizations.

Real Men Wear Pink is a joint venture with the American Cancer Society.WTP had the

opportunity to speak to a member of RMWP, Rob McKiver about the organization and how he became a part of it following the death of his nana. It was the heartbreak and the helpless feeling that made Rob want to be more knowledgeable on breast cancer and understand any preventative measures that can be taken. Rob was very emotional as he spoke about the importance of men understanding the disease.

There are many people who have been personally affected by breast cancer and know the potential dangers of it, but simply aren’t motivated to truly understand it or contribute towards it. We asked Rob about his feelings and if he would be as motivated to represent and/or support RMWP if he wasn’t personally affected by it.

I'd like to say yes, but if we're being honest probably not, which was another thing that haunted me for years. It's like the cliché thing that we're oblivious of until it lands itself on our front porch. At which time it's often too late. Again I think it's just one of those things we accept but not putting emphasis on it until it affects us personally. Now once you're in, you're in but it's about getting to that point.


To be a part of a group such as RMWP is like being among family. They are not only standing up for people who have lost someone or have fought against it, but they have also helped others grieve and heal from their loss. By connecting and being able to speak and gain knowledge from others Rob was able to grieve and get better clarity on his loss.

It eventually helped me heal because being a part of the program I'm able to get people the assistance they need in most cases. For example, if a treatment is needed out-of-state we will often pay for lodging, or to and from doctors' appointments locally. So it's the giving back piece that allows for some sort of gratitude for me.

Not only has RMWP benefited Rob by healing him, but he has seen RMWP benefit people in so many other ways.

Some of the most immediate benefits being the understanding and behind the scenes look at cancer and it's many components. Being able to speak more intelligently on it as well as provide guidance. The fundraiser piece has been a huge benefit as well. We've raised well over $500k in the last 2 years alone.

Real Men Wear Pink isn’t just about understanding breast cancer but it’s about the support that you receive from the others in the group. Rob McKiver urges men to join the fight by either connecting with him or signing up at We hope that this interview enlightens more men to come together and stand for the many women and men who are fighting the great fight while being a “Real Man that Wears Pink”.

“My main goal and the one thing that I want to accomplish is to KICK CANCERS ASS” – Rob McKiver

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