Surviving Quarantine…with Kids.

By: Jasmine Yates

If you’re like me, then you’re feeling a little overwhelmed right now. You have kids running around the house like it’s a damn playground, your quarantine snacks are slowly coming to an end, the kids are asking when is dinner going to be ready every 5 minutes, oh and to add to that you STILL have to make sure you’re being the best employee that you can be. Whew! So how do we manage all of this without exploding?


There are so many things that need to be done within one day. Write it out. I know it may be difficult to remember every single thing but even if you forget everything as soon as it comes back into your mind, write it down. I find creating a list to be extremely beneficial especially when children are involved and they’re asking you questions every 15 minutes.


Make it just like you would if the kids were going to school and you were going to work. Give the kids and yourself a routine. Set times to when it is okay for them to play, when it is time to read a book, do school work (cause I know they have it) or take a nap. If you’re like me with a 16 month child or younger you should already have that routine in place and if not CREATE ONE! The routine I have consist of waking up 2 hours BEFORE he wakes up. Giving myself a nice hour to eat breakfast, drink my coffee and just get my thoughts together. Then I take the other hour to write for a little or doing anything businesswise that I know needs to be done. Of course you will have a different routine than me but its super imperative that you create one that works for you. 

Lastly…this may shock someone.


Yup, you heard me right. Do it tomorrow. We have a tendency to think that when we write out the list everything has to be done that EXACT day. It doesn’t. You’re stressed out and overwhelmed because you’re not giving yourself the chance to break. It’s okay if you don’t get everything on your list completed. When handling your chores you always want to make sure you get the important things done first. Sometimes we just need that person to let us know, do it tomorrow.

Don’t let the frustrations of the quarantine and your children get you to the point of wanting to just give up. Try these three suggestions but if you’re still overwhelmed then shoot, I’ll throw in the towel for you.

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