Toy Cubby Organization

By: Nicole Arroyo

If your children are toy age, then you probably find yourself saying “Get those toys up please” several times a day. If you have stepped on a Lego™ or Barbie ™ shoe, then you’ve said more than that in your head. Well, here are a few things you can do to prevent being injured while making sure everything is in its place when not in use. Keep it as simple as possible so your children don’t become overwhelmed then shut down. Do this with your children so they know what to expect and how to do it.

1. Sort the toys into piles- keep, donate, trash. The toys you keep should be operable and being used. Toys you donate should be nice enough to give to a kid of the same age.

2. Once you decide what you’re keeping, use a cubby system, crates, rubber totes with lids, or a trunk to separate and store the toys. I do think cubbies and crates are better to use because they are easier to handle, smaller and hold less, which in turn makes them lighter. But rubber totes and trunks have lids and can be stacked on top of each other. Rubber totes and lids do present a quandary because with a lid, it’s tempting to “throw whatever in there for now until later”. This is what you want to get away from, but also you have to pick what works best for the child’s success.


3. After you choose an organization system, consider labels whether it be text or pictures. Children who can’t read will still be able to pick up behind themselves and stay organized. You can take a photo of your children’s blocks or find a photo online and print it out. Affix the photos to the cubby or totes so it’s clear to the child of the proper place for the toys. Text labels can be handwritten, typed and printed, or purchased.


To keep the toy situation under control, don’t overbuy. Maybe put into place a system in which if the child receives a toy, he/she has to donate a toy. This will teach them many lessons but for the purpose if this blog, they will learn clutter control. Hopefully these steps are received well and help you help your children get and stay organized.

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