Why Establishing Healthy Boundaries is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

By: Dr.Bracely

Prioritizing your mental health shouldn’t be accompanied by a deep sense of guilt or selfishness. The self comes first no matter how deeply you feel you are connected to the people around you. For a relationship to enhance, the people involved must be allowed to dwell in their personal spaces when necessary. However, the process of setting healthy boundaries is not as easy as it sounds. Unlike physical components, human beings cannot have definite demarcations that separate us from the rest and resultantly, the boundaries that we set for ourselves get stretched, adulterated and eventually disrupted.

  1. Identify what is good for you

Do not wait for the water to overflow the brim; stay firm with your choices and make certain that there’s no room for any compromise and adjustment left between the people and the seeds of healthy spaces that you have sown on the path that leads to you. We have all had experiences in life that have violated our boundaries. There comes a point in life when your mental health has to be safeguarded from negativity; and this is where your capability of setting boundaries with people comes into play.

  1. Respect the “you”

Sometimes detachment is necessary. We realize that pulling yourself back from certain relationships when they are not best for your wellbeing cannot be done in a day; but the truth is, the moment you start respecting yourself and chosen life decisions, the journey starts getting a tad bit easier. The sooner you start segregating your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from the approval of others the more you will experience the life YOU truly want to live. If there is at all a discrepancy, it should always between the better and best of “you”.

Setting healthy boundaries by making yourself a priority is not selfish, it is your life saver. Stop feeling guilty about wanting to live your best life, and start saying “NO” to the things and people that are not intended for your highest good.

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