Why Women Over the Age of 30 Ain’t Messing Around…..PeriodT

By: Erica Lorraine

The older I get, I realize that my tolerance level for some things gets lower, and lower. Things I would have accepted in my younger days, I now feel repulsed by, and wouldn’t dare entertain now. When I turned 30, I suddenly adapted the idea, that if it doesn’t serve me, or make me happy, it has to go. Bad relationships, dead-end jobs, shady friends, ALL-A-DAT had to get gone. I realized who I was, what I had to offer, and I refused to settle for less. Either you are going to grow with me, or get cut off; point, blank, period. Talking with other women my age, I learned we all shared some of the same views.

We Know What We Want in relationships:

Are we getting married or nah? But seriously, dating in your 30’s and up, should only have one goal, and that’s marriage. Anything outside of that is childish, and a waste of time. Women over 30 don’t have time to play games in a relationship, and we will make our standards, feelings, and motives crystal clear. When a man does not make his intentions clear, he will get deleted, blocked, and replaced. What we want is security, commitment, respect, and most importantly, to feel loved. Most of us have experienced heart break before, and refuse to be played, or hurt by any man. We know what we bring to the table, so we are not afraid to eat alone.

We know Friendships are about Quality not Quantity

I’ve never lost a friend I wanted back. Women over 30 understand that as you get older, you change, and evolve. You start to experience new people, and things, and unfortunately outgrow old friends. We understand this is because everyone cannot go with us on our journey. When we were younger, having lots of friends was appealing, and a self-esteem booster. As we matured, our friendship circle got smaller, and we realized that you need real ones in your circle to motivate you, pray for you, and support you. Quality friendships are our goals, and we sever any friendship that becomes toxic, or one-sided. We know that not everyone is our friend, and not everyone wants what is best for us. We expose the fake, and cherish the real. We know that real friendships turn into sisterhoods, and we want our friends to win as much they want us too.

We Are About Our Money:

We are working 9-5 jobs, while selling life insurance on the side, and promoting beauty products on YouTube, all while trying to build our own business. <WE AINT GOT TIME> If you cannot add to the equation, you will get subtracted. We are all about our coin, and becoming bosses. Owning everything is our goal, and we have more than one business plan developed. We can carry our own weight, and provide for ourselves. If it’s not going to make us money, we are not interested.

We Know Who We Are:

Unapologetically ourselves. We spent all of our teenage years, and twenties “finding ourselves,” and we are now confident in who we are as women. We no longer try to fit in, but take pride in being different. In our self-awareness, we realize that we don’t have to tear down others to build ourselves up. We know our strengths, and are working on our weaknesses. Our trials have developed us, and we understand that being happy is an inside job. Self-reflection is daily, and because we know who we are, people’s negative words have no effect.

We know where we’ve been, where we are going, and who we are taking with us.

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